Beating Hearts First Aid is locally owned and operated out of Regina, Saskatchewan.  Owner and instructor has been teaching First Aid with Red Cross since 1998 and has had a major part in actively grown First Aid and Safety in the province.

Beating Hearts First Aid has covered various events and trained several companies throughout the years from every background imaginable.  Although we prefer advance notice, we have bailed out companies and participants who needed their training “yesterday” or covered events last minute when another agency “just cancelled out” as our interest has been in serving our clients and being there when needed.

We have expertise and contacts in many areas and fields.  Should you have inquiries or questions we can either answer them or direct you to the best resource.


Specialized Groups We Instruct:

  • Nursing Students, Fitness Trainers, Life Guardsred
  • Corporate Office Groups
  • Oilfield, Pipeline, Construction, Potash Sites
  • Mechanics, Equipment Operators, Railway, Loaders, Drivers, Taxi Drivers
  • Day Home, Day Care and Child Care Facilities
  • Medical Professionals:  Nurses, EMT, EMT-A, EMR, First Responder, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists & Chiropractors


We believe it takes good trained people to keep this province safe and we are willing to do our part one student at a time.  We look forward to having you in our classroom and thank you in advance for your interest shown.